A Comparative Study of Different Human Skin Impedance Models


This paper presents a comparative study of different human skin impedance models using meta-heuristic optimization Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA). Four different models: Montague, Tregear, Lykken, and modified Montague skin models were used. There are two categories of electrical modelling; the RC-based model and the CPE-based model. The RC-based model focuses on skin stratification, while the CPE-based model focuses on the skin’s biological properties. Six samples were taken as an experiment to acquire the skin impedance data to find the most accurate fitting model. © 2021 IEEE.


Ghoneim M.S., Mohammaden A., Said L.A., Madian A.H., Radwan A.G., Eltawil A.M.


Fractional-order circuits; Meta-heuristic optimiza-tion; Skin Bio-impedance; Skin models

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Confrence Paper


National Radio Science Conference, NRSC, Proceedings, Vol. 2021-July, Art. No. 9509823, PP. 271 to 277, Doi: 10.1109/NRSC52299.2021.9509823

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