Elmore delay in the fractional order domain


Interconnect design has recently become one of the important factors that affect the circuit delay and performance especially in the deep submicron technology. The modelling of interconnects is typically based on using Elmore definitions of the delay time and rise time. So, a general formula for Elmore delay time and rise time in the fractional order domain are presented in this work. It is found from the new formulas of the delay time and rise time that these timing values could be controlled or tuned by the fractional orders. Hence, the fractional order can compensate for the components value. Furthermore, a case study of shunt compensation circuit is studied here to show the impact of the fractional orders on the delay time. The impact of the component values along with the fractional order on the new timing definition is studied using MATLAB analysis. © 2017 IEEE.


Soltan A., Radwan A.G., Yakovlev A.


Elmore delay time; Elmore rise time; Fractional clculus; interconnect; transmission line

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Confrence Paper


2017 European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, ECCTD 2017, Art. No. 8093242, Doi: 10.1109/ECCTD.2017.8093242

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