High performance 2D and 3D approaches for adjoint variable method suitable for inverse problems


This paper discusses the sensitivity analysis and the inverse problem solution using the Adjoint Variable Method (AVM) integrated with Transmission Line Modeling (TLM) for many examples having different distributions. The sensitivity analyses of the Gaussian function relative to its parameters is introduced where, great discrimination is observed of the sensitivity magnitude which reflects on the electromagnetic sensitivity and the solution of the inverse problem. Different obstacles with properties (? r, ?) having Gaussian, Poisson and exponential distributions are investigated.


Radwan A.G.


Adjoint techniques; Adjoint-variable method; Different distributions; Electromagnetic sensitivity; Exponential distributions; Gaussian functions; Gaussians; Inverse problem solution; Transmission line modeling; Inverse problems; Sensitivity analysis; Transmission line theory; Poisson distribution

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Confrence Paper


Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, PP. 146 to 150

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