Mathematics behind the fractional-order smith chart


For the first time, a generalized admittance Smith chart theory is introduced to represent fractional order circuit elements. The principles of fractional order matching circuits are described. We show that for fractional order ? < 1, a single parallel fractional element can match a wider range of load impedances as compared to its series counterpart. Several matching examples demonstrate the versatility of fractional order series and parallel element matching as compared to the conventional approach. © 2012 IEEE.


Radwan A.G., Shamim A., Salama K.N.


Conventional approach; Fractional order; Fractional-order circuit; Load impedance; Matching circuit; Smith chart; Antennas

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Confrence Paper


IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society, AP-S International Symposium (Digest), Art. No. 6349233, Doi: 10.1109/APS.2012.6349233

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