Permutation-Only FPGA Realization of Real-Time Speech Encryption


This paper proposes a speech encryption and decryption system, its hardware architecture design and FPGA implementation. The system utilizes Nosé Hoover chaotic generator and/or dynamic shift and bit permutation. The effect of different blocks in the proposed encryption scheme is studied and the security of the system is validated through perceptual and statistical tests. The complete encryption scheme is simulated using Xilinx ISE 14.5 and realized on FPGA Xilinx Kintex 7, presenting the experimental results on the oscilloscope. The efficiency is also validated through hardware resources utilization compared to previous works based on maximum frequency and throughput. © 2018 IEEE.


Tolba M.F., Sayed W.S., Radwan A.G., Abd-El-Hafiz S.K., Soliman A.M.


Bit Permutation; Chaos; FPGA; Nosé Hoover; Speech Encryption

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Confrence Paper


Proceedings of the International Conference on Microelectronics, ICM, Vol. 2018-December, Art. No. 8704091, PP. 100 to 103, Doi: 10.1109/ICM.2018.8704091

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