Time domain oscillating poles: Stability redefined in Memristor based Wien-oscillators


State space modeling of Memristor based Wien ‘A’ oscillator has been demonstrated for the first time considering nonlinear ion drift in Memristor. Time dependant oscillating resistance of Memristor is reported in both state space solution and SPICE simulation which plausibly provide the basis of realizing parametric oscillation by Memristor based Wien oscillator. In addition to this part Memristor is shown to stabilize the final oscillation amplitude by means of its nonlinear dynamic resistance which hints for eliminating diode in the feedback network of conventional Wien oscillator. © 2011 IEEE.


Talukdar A., Radwan A.G., Salama K.N.


Memristor; non linear; Wien oscillator

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Confrence Paper


Proceedings of the International Conference on Microelectronics, ICM, Art. No. 6177391, Doi: 10.1109/ICM.2011.6177391

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