Building student skills trough a global project semester

Main Challenge/Objective

To upskill and train students for employment by giving them necessary skills to work in a 21st century environment. This will take the form of the development and delivery of a semester long module focusing on a ‘real’ industrial project, supported by skills development: team building, cultural awareness, project management.

The project is focusing on internationalizing the curriculum that involves providing students with global perspectives of their discipline and giving them a broader knowledge base for their future careers. This in turn helps to provide them with a set of values and skills to operate in diverse cultural environments e.g. skills / intercultural competencies / cross-cultural capabilities. These are in relation to graduate attributes and global citizenship.


This project in collaboration with the following universities: –

    1. Glasgow Caledonian University – GCU
    2. Nottingham Trent University – NTU
    3. Egypt Japan University of Science & Technology – E-JUST

Principal Investigator

Prof. Ahmed G. Radwan

Funding Agency

British Council

Team Members

  • Dr. Lobna Said
  • Dr. Irene Sami

Staff Number

2 Members

Start Date


End Date



  • In process


  • Projects based learning
  • Competencies
  • Skills
  • International Collaboration


  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness
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