Design and Implementation of Software and Hardware Speech Encryption Techniques

Main Challenge/Objective

In general, the proposed project has three phases: (1) knowledge collection, (2) speech encryption software and (3) hardware implementation. In the first phase, a literature survey will be performed on the characteristics of speech signals, PRNG, fractional-order chaotic systems, Field-Programmable Gate Array¬† (FPGA) design and implementation and fundamentals of wireless communications between two FPGA’s. In the second phase, we will investigate different speech encryption systems using chaotic and non-chaotic generators, analyze the output responses and compare the proposed designs with recent literature. The third phase is divided into two sub-phases where the first sub-phase is the implementation of some proposed designs using a single FPGA. The second sub-phase is the communication between two FPGA’s for encoding and decoding.

Outcome: Prototypes and Images

Principal Investigator

Prof. Salwa Kamal Abdel Hafiz

Funding Agency

Cairo University

Team Members

  • Prof. Salwa Kamal Abdel Hafiz (PI)
  • Prof. Ahmed Radwan (Co-PI)

Staff Number

2 Members

Start Date

March 2017

End Date



  • Completed


  • Software & Communication
  • Circuit Theory & Applications
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