Fractional-order and memristive nonlinear systems: Advances and applications


Due to the significance of nonlinear systems and circuits in many applications such as physics, control, biophysics, and bioengineering, enormous research activities have been highlighted to model the practical and experimental insights of such phenomena. Chaotic systems are nonlinear dynamical systems which are sensitive to initial conditions, topologically mixing, and with dense periodic orbits [1–3]. The chaos phenomenon was first observed in weather models by Lorenz in 1963. This was followed by a discovery of a large number of chaotic systems in many different fields like computer sciences, mechanics, communication, economics and finance, biology, chemistry, medicine, and geology.


Radwan A.G., Azar A.T., Vaidyanathan S., Munoz-Pacheco J.M., Ouannas A.


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Complexity, Vol. 2017, PP. 1 to 2, Doi: 10.1155/2017/3760121

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