Optimal charging of fractional-order circuits with Cuckoo search


Introduction: Optimal charging of RC circuits is a well-studied problem in the integer-order domain due to its importance from economic and system temperature hazards perspectives. However, the fractional-order counterpart of this problem requires investigation. Objectives: This study aims to find approximate solutions of the most energy-efficient input charging function in fractional-order RC circuits. Methods: This paper uses a meta-heuristic optimization technique called Cuckoo search optimizer to attain the maximum charging efficiency of three common fractional-order RC circuits. An analytical expression of the fractional capacitor voltage is suggested such that it satisfies the boundary conditions of the optimal charging problem. The problem is formulated as a fractional-order calculus of variations problem with compositional functional. The numerical solutions are obtained with the meta-heuristic optimization algorithm’s help to avoid the complexities of the analytical approach. Results: he efficiency surfaces and input voltage charging curves are discussed for fractional-order in the range 0.5Authors

AbdelAty A.M., Fouda M.E., Elbarawy M.T.M.M., Radwan A.G.


Cuckoo search optimizer; Fractional capacitor charging; Fractional-order circuits; Optimal charging

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Journal of Advanced Research, Vol. 32, PP. 119 to 131, Doi: 10.1016/j.jare.2020.11.014

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