Power dissipation of memristor-based relaxation oscillators


Recently, many reactance-less memristive relaxation oscillators were introduced, where the charging and discharging processes depend on memristors. In this paper, we investigate the power dissipation in different memristor based relaxation oscillators. General expressions for these memristive circuits as well as the power dissipation formulas for three different topologies are derived analytically. In addition, general expressions for the maximum and minimum power dissipation are calculated. Finally, the calculated expressions are verified using PSPICE simulations showing very good matching.


Fouda M.E., Radwan A.G.


Memristive circuits; Memristor; Oscillators; Power; Reactance-less

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Radioengineering, Vol. 24, PP. 968 to 973, Doi: 10.13164/re.2015.0968

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