Generalization of third-order low pass filters to the fractional-order domain with experimental results


This paper is concerned with the generalization of continuous-time 3rd order low-pass filters to the fractional order domain. Three fractional-order capacitors of the same order ? are to be considered in the process of filter design. A complete mathematical analysis of the 3rd order fractional low-pass filter is given with stability constraints taken into consideration. Finally, several low-pass active filter design examples are illustrated and discussed in the simulations section in terms of numerical MATLAB simulations, PSpice simulations and experimental results. © 2018 IEEE.


Afify A.A., Hussuiny M.A., Abdelaty A.M., Radwan A.G.


Circuit theory; Filter design; Fractional calculus; Fractional-order circuits

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Confrence Paper


ICENCO 2018 – 14th International Computer Engineering Conference: Secure Smart Societies, Art. No. 8636141, PP. 125 to 130, Doi: 10.1109/ICENCO.2018.8636141

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