Wireless Monitoring of Fruit Growth Using an Electrical Bio-Impedance Sensor Device

The idea of this project is to graph the quality of fruits and vegetables similar to ECG in human.

Two Port Fractional-Order Oscillators and Filters Suitable for Tissue Modeling

This project aims to study the relation between the mathematical fundamentals of fractional calculus

Development and Manufacturing of Soft Actuated Under Water Robotics

Surveying research papers about transferring hard robot characteristics to a soft one.

Design and Implementation of Software and Hardware Speech Encryption Techniques

In general, the proposed project has three phases: (1) knowledge collection

Multi-stage low-cost treatment of dyes and paints waste water by coagulation, adsorption, and filtration for Reuse in several Applications

The treated water can be used for targeting the irrigation systems in its majority, as it is biologically acceptable 

Building student skills trough a global project semester

To upskill and train students for employment by giving them necessary skills to work in a 21st century environment.

Utilization of the Theories of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in the Design of a New Cryptosystem

Design encryption algorithms which effectively utilize the chosen/designed chaotic systems.

Software Algorithms and Hardware Implementations of Information Security Using Number Theory and Chaotic Systems

The project aims at proposing novel software algorithms for information security and their hardware implementations.

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