Incremental Grounded Voltage Controlled Memristor Emulator


Memristor has become an interesting research subject in the recent years. Its special behavior has attracted the attention of the research community that motivated researchers to investigate it in details. As memristor is a relatively new electrical element, it is not yet available in the market as a solid state component Researchers found their way to build memristor emulators to achieve its pinched hysteresis. While many papers proposed floating emulators, only a few papers presented a grounded one. In this paper, an incremental grounded memristor emulator is proposed. The mathematical model of the emulator is discussed to match the theoretical model. Simulations are carried out to verify the circuit functionality. Parasitic effects have been studied for the proposed design. The emulator is very simple with only two current conveyors, one multiplier, and some passive elements. Experimental results showed a great match to the simulation results from SPICE. © 2018 IEEE.


Hassanein A.M., Elsafty A.H., Said L.A., Madian A.H., Radwan A.G.


current conveyor; decremental; floating; grounded; incremental; Memristor; multiplier; parasitic

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Confrence Paper


Proceedings of the International Conference on Microelectronics, ICM, Vol. 2018-December, Art. No. 8703994, PP. 156 to 159, Doi: 10.1109/ICM.2018.8703994

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