Wireless Monitoring of Fruit Growth Using an Electrical Bio-Impedance Sensor Device

Main Challenge/Objective

The idea of this project is to graph the quality of fruits and vegetables similar to ECG in human. The purpose of this project is to build a prototype for a portable wireless electronic device capable of measuring live tissue with fruits or vegetables using bioimpedance and some mathematical & electrical models then transmit data to the base station. This project will add scientific and laboratory value to the basics of the food industries in its various stages and build a database of the electrical properties of a number of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Project Summary


  1. Thirty Wireless Electronic Devices
  2. Four papers (AEU, IEEE Access, Applied Soft Computing)
  3. Four papers in (ACTEA2016, 2019, NILES2019)
  4. One Book Chapter in Elsevier Book
  5. Two International workshops in 2016, 2019 with international speakers
  6. Several news on social media in different stages




  7. Participate in Cairo Innovate Event 2019
  8. One Report on the Wireless sensor deployment, management, and System Architecture.
  9. Organizing One International Conference NILES2019

Principal Investigator

Prof. Ahmed G. Radwan

Funding Agency


Team Members

  • Prof. Ahmed S. Elwakil
  • Prof. Ahmed Madian
  • Dr. Lobna Said
  • Eng. Ahmed AboBakr

Staff Number

4 Members


  • In process


  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness

Outcome: Prototypes and Images


Media coverage related to the prototype of Bio-impedance sensors with fruits for the project.

Media coverage related to the bio-impedance concept

Short Video about the Project:

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