Amplitude modulation and synchronization of fractional-order memristor-based Chua’s circuit


This paper presents a general synchronization technique and an amplitude modulation of chaotic generators. Conventional synchronization and antisynchronization are considered a very narrow subset from the proposed technique where the scale between the output response and the input response can be controlled via control functions and this scale may be either constant (positive, negative) or time dependent. The concept of the proposed technique is based on the nonlinear control theory and Lyapunov stability theory. The nonlinear controller is designed to ensure the stability and convergence of the proposed synchronization scheme. This technique is applied on the synchronization of two identical fractional-order Chua’s circuit systems with memristor. Different examples are studied numerically with different system parameters, different orders, and with five alternative cases where the scaling functions are chosen to be positive/negative and constant/dynamic which covers all possible cases from conventional synchronization to the amplitude modulation cases to validate the proposed concept. © 2013 A. G. Radwan et al.


Radwan A.G., Moaddy K., Hashim I.


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Abstract and Applied Analysis, Vol. 2013, Art. No. 758676, Doi: 10.1155/2013/758676

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