Fractional-Order Two-Port Networks


We introduce the concept of fractional-order two-port networks with particular focus on impedance and admittance parameters. We show how to transform a 2 × 2 impedance matrix with fractional-order impedance elements into an equivalent matrix with all elements represented by integer-order impedances; yet the matrix rose to a fractional-order power. Some examples are given. © 2016 M. E. Fouda et al.


Fouda M.E., Elwakil A.S., Radwan A.G., Maundy B.J.


Mathematical techniques; Admittance parameters; Equivalent matrices; Fractional order; Fractional order impedance; Impedance matrices; Integer order; Two-port network; Engineering

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Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Vol. 2016, Art. No. 5976301, Doi: 10.1155/2016/5976301

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