Generalized dynamic switched synchronization between combinations of fractional-order chaotic systems


This paper proposes a novel generalized switched synchronization scheme among n fractional-order chaotic systems with various operatingmodes. Digital dynamic switches and dynamic scaling factors are employed, which offermany new capabilities. Dynamic switches determine the role of each system as a master or a slave. A system can either have a fixed role throughout the simulation time (static switching) or switch its role one or more times (dynamic switching). Dynamic scaling factors are used for each state variable of the master system. Such scaling factors control whether the master is a single system or a combination of several systems. In addition, these factors determine the generalized relation between the original systems from which the master system is built as well as the slave system(s). Moreover, they can be utilized to achieve different kinds of generalized synchronization relations for the purpose of generating new attractor diagrams. The paper presents a mathematical formulation and analysis of the proposed synchronization scheme. Furthermore, many numerical simulations are provided to demonstrate the successful generalized switched synchronization of several fractional-order chaotic systems. The proposed scheme provides various functions suitable for applications such as different master-slave communication models and secure communication systems. © 2017 Wafaa S. Sayed et al.


Sayed W.S., Henein M.M.R., Abd-El-Hafiz S.K., Radwan A.G.


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Complexity, Vol. 2017, Art. No. 9189120, Doi: 10.1155/2017/9189120

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