Transient adjoint sensitivities for discontinuities with Gaussian material distributions


We present a novel approach for adjoint transient sensitivity analysis with respect to discontinuities with space-dependent materials exhibiting known distribution. Our approach integrates the Time Domain Transmission-Line-Modeling (TD-TLM) with the Adjoint Variable Method (AVM). Using only one extra TD-TLM simulation, the sensitivities of the observed respo se with respect to all the parameters of the Gaussian distribution are obtained. The accuracy of our sensitivity analysis approach is illustrated through a number of differerent 2D and 3D examples. Using the previous sensitivities, gradient{based optimization technique is applied to exploit in the location and profile of various inhomogeneous material Gaussian distribution for inverse problems. This method can be repeated for any continuous or discontinuous distributions that exist in electromagnetic imaging for space dependent materials like cancer detection.


Radwan A.G., Bakr M.H., Nikolova N.K.


Gaussian distribution; Inverse problems; Sensitivity analysis; Adjoint sensitivities; Adjoint-variable method; Cancer detection; Electromagnetic imaging; Inhomogeneous materials; Material distribution; Optimization techniques; Time-domain transmission; Time domain analysis

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Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, PP. 1 to 19, Doi: 10.2528/PIERB10090404

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